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About the Author

Lyndon E. Lafferty is an avid outdoorsman who hiked to the top of Mt. Lassen three times and once to the top of Mt. Fujiyama, Japan during the Korean War. He also made two attempts each to climb Mt. Shasta and Mt. Whitney. Lyndon holds a U.S. patent and two patents pending. He loves to write and is currently working on two more novels. Lyndon has an excellent record with the California Highway Patrol with many commendations devoting 27 years to law enforcement. He is best known for crushing the hood and top of a patrol car as he and fellow officers used it as a platform to rescue 38 injured and trapped passengers on a commercial bus in November 1976. Inheriting the Zodiac investigation has been both a blessing and a curse. Bound by oaths of secrecy to a highly respected homicide detective, his lips were sealed until the death of the detective in 1977.


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